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RacingLine High Flow Turbo 90 Inlet Elbow

RacingLine High Flow Turbo 90 Inlet Elbow

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The VWR High-Flow Turbo 90 for MQB is designed as an upgrade to significantly increase the airflow in the turbo. It is the perfect complement to the VWR R600 Cold Air Intake, the standard airbox or other aftermarket inlet systems.

A simple fitment, the ultra-thin-wall VWR High-Flow Turbo 90 is a large diameter, free flowing intake elbow, delicately CNC machined from aluminium billet to replace the small and restrictive plastic factory inlet. Without it, you’re wasting much of the potential of your high-flow intake system without fitting the Turbo 90. An essential upgrade!

Back-to-back comparisons against the standard elbow reveal an impressive improvement in airflow. RacingLine has seen some surprising power and torque gains after fitting the VWR High-Flow Turbo 90 due to the faster turbo coil and increased airflow generated. You can even hear an improved sound from your turbo and that is an advantage for every enthusiast!

The VWR High-Flow Turbo 90 Inlet is compatible with all MQB EA888.3 1.8T and 2.0T cars. Works with the VWR R600 intake, the factory airbox, or any other aftermarket intake.

Take away the standard plastic elbow’s highly restrictive airflow path through to the turbo. The ultra-thin wall VWR High-Flow Turbo 90 gives a worthwhile power gain through smoothing and opening up that turn into the turbo.

The higher your power level, the greater the advantage. That’s why the VWR High-Flow Turbo 90 is included in the phase 3 upgrade. The power level will simply not be achieved without this component.

Fitting is very straightforward. Twin O-rings ensure perfect seal. The kit is installed in around 10 minutes using just hand tools. And easily returned to standard, should you ever wish.

The VWR High-Flow Turbo 90 can be perfectly combined with other RacingLine components – the power gains are especially worthwhile when combined with the VWR Turbo Inlet Pipe, the R600 Cold Air Intake and the Turbo Muffler Delete.

• VW Golf 7 GTI 2013+ 5G
• VW Golf 7 R 2013+ 5G
• VW Golf 7 GTI ClubSport 2016+ 5G
• VW Passat 2.0 TSI B8 2015+ 3G
• VW Arteon 2.0 TSI 2017+
• Audi S3 2013+ 8V
• Audi TT III 2014+ 8S
• Audi TT 2.0 TSI III 2014+ 8S
• Audi TTS III 2015+ 8S
• SEAT Leon Cupra III 2014+ 5F
• Skoda Octavia vRS III 2014+ 5E
• Skoda Superb 1.8 / 2.0 TSI 2015+ B8 3V

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